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Forecover is created especially for data recovery purpose, using careful reconstruction of file system containing loss files which were deleted during the event, without meddling of original data.

Forecover is portable application and does not need to be installed on the system for use. So, you don’t need to worry about lengthy installation processes.

Advance file extraction system based on data carving, which will recover the file even if hard drive is formatted, recovering the data that was removed from the file system.

Forecover is not limited to specific drive, it can scan for the deleted file anywhere on the system, in case you forgot the location of the file.

Forecover can recover your loss files with 80% accuracy, meaning you don’t need to worry about the data tempering.

FORKIT is a computer forensics toolkit that helps in analyzing the forensics evidences acquired from the potentially compromised system by scanning the file structure and place them into separate categories, for further detailed analysis.

With timeline analysis, you can check the files accessed during the specific time period, and during the time of the event. Narrowing down to only useful files.

It can extract important information such as Geo-location and EXIF information.

It can extract the search keyword from the acquired image and files in which keyword has occurred. Extract important information such as emails, url, phone numbers

Analyze the image content and extract the list of objects recognized in the image, categorizing the images based on different categories such as weapons, vehicles, and much more.

Analyze the acquired image and carving the files that were deleted or were not found in the file system

Desktop based android phone forensics solution is developed that can extract, analyse, and present the android phone forensics analysis in the court of law.

SaaS based analyser, that can access major social media sites, extracts data, perform artificial based analysis, and presents comprehensive graphical reports.

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TRIC TECH Pvt Ltd is founded in 2022 as an IT Security Company. Our startup journey started from National Centre for Cyber Security, Pakistan and with diverse range of software and hardware products/solutions, we are building our portfolio in different areas of cyber security through indigenization. We also offer consultancy services to public / private sector organizations to effectively safeguard digital assets and to improve their cyber security posture.

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